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We help corporate and people to improve the ability to access, understand, and use the technology as a component important to run a business more effectively and a basis for consideratiion in making decisions.

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What is Arkana BI ?

Because Data is Your Goldmine

Get insights from your data and make better business decisions. Arkana BI helps companies improve their ability to access, understand and utilize data.

Provide New Insights

Data that was previously dark and inaccessible is made actionable and accessible to the business with Arkana BI easy-to-use data integration tools and self-service BI capabilities. We believe that your data, past and present, will have a significant role in determining your future. Our Data Specialists are ready to help you enjoy the benefits of Business Intelligence.

We Build beautiful visualizations

We combine the latest data visualization technologies, knowledge, and our technical skill set that would serve our client with an optimal data-visualization experience. Transform your data into dynamic interactive dashboard for faster, better, and reliable data comparisons, analyzations, evaluations, and comprehensions.

24/7 Monitoring your business

We will help you to monitor your business anywhere and anytime. Set up your strategic variables and parameters, let our system monitor your business 24/7 and warns you IF there’s any abnormalities within your operation or any deviations to your designated parameters.

Discover Where The Data is

To make great applications and decisions, you want to know where the data is to answer important business questions. With Arkana BI, you can explore and find data to help you make the best decisions in an instant in a ‘point and click’ way.

Our Technology Partners

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Enables The Comprehensive BI Ecosystem

We build an ecosystem covering the entire spectrum of business intelligence, from data sources to modeling, analysis and visualization.

Data Warehouse Management

Collecting and managing data from varied sources to provide meaningful business insights.

Data Integrations

Integrating and synchronizing data from various data sources. Enhancing, and enriching your decision without delay.

Data Auditing

Evaluates your data-quality and consistency.

Data Visualizations

Transform your data into dynamic interactive dashboard for faster, better, and reliable data comparisons, analyzations, evaluations, and comprehensions.

Data Prediction and Prescription

Build a system that helps you to predict and gives recommendation based on your historical data trend and Artificial Intelligent algorithms.

Training and Workshop

Improve your ability to understand data insights and take advantage of BI systems with a professional BI trainer

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